New Construction

New Construction in Birmingham, Alabama

New construction is the best time to consider increasing energy efficiency of a building, including insulation.

Buildings consume about 70 percent of the nation’s electricity, and about a third of that is lost in the form of leaked air. When you are building a new structure, you have a greater choice than ever before of efficient building materials, equipment and construction techniques.

And you can count on us as a partner in boosting your year-round savings. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our commercial insulation team can be trusted to help keep your occupants cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. We are fully licensed, insured and ready to help you on your new construction.

Insulation and Green Buildings
When you strive to meet energy conservation benchmarks, you not only improve air quality for your employees and visitors, you gain a reputation as a steward of the earth in your community. We are well versed in DOE, ICC and ASHRAE requirements for green buildings. Talk to us about how a well-insulated building contributes to a healthier community and energy tax credits.

Professional Products and Installation
Insulation can be built right into the building envelope itself. A properly protected foundation keeps below-grade space comfortable and moisture resistant. Specialized wall sheathing, concrete blocks or forms, and structural insulated panels (SIPS) provide uniform commercial insulation.

How We Can Help
Your new construction will be guided by building and fire codes. Whether your project requires an extra thickness of materials, drywall or special barriers, you can depend on our team to choose the best products for the job. We can save you money on the project and on your day-to-day savings. We use materials that carry the International Code Council (ICC) label on the label, your assurance of quality standards.

What makes the biggest difference, however, is our expertise. Whether it’s an office building, apartments, hotel or house of worship, you will save on HVAC costs from the minute you open your doors. Talk to our commercial projects experts about effective ways to keep your new construction drier and more comfortable year round.

Roofs, Attics and Ceilings
Common protection now includes foam board made of polyisocyanurate (polyiso), as well as foam-backed oriented strand board and spray-on foam insulation. We can install a radiant heat barrier on the underside of a sloped roof. It saves an additional 10 percent on cooling costs because it reflects the sun’s heat so effectively.

Along with a proper surface covering, sealing and ventilation, a thick layer of loose-fill fiber material is always an effective way to keep the conditioned and outdoor air from mixing. Inside ceilings, duct wrap allows HVAC systems to operate at peak efficiency without condensation problems.

You can choose to elevate the floor and install foam boards, although this adds considerably to new construction costs. There are also special insulated radiant barriers for use in concrete flooring. They resist vapor, minimize corrosion in rebar, and guard against infiltration of radon gas. We have the solutions you need for your commercial subfloors.

New Construction near Birmingham, Alabama

Wall Insulation
You have many choices when it comes to insulating building walls. Sheathing and building wrap create a tight fit that gives you greater control over thermal exchange. Blown in fibers and foam provide optimal coverage in cavities of any shape or size. Fiberglass batts and rolls are a budget friendly choice for most framed walls.

For narrower cavities, foam board makes it possible to get R-30 out of 4.5 inches. Rigid boards installed either in the interior or exterior also address the problem of thermal bridging over wall studs and protrusions.

Radiant heat barriers can be installed in new construction of metal buildings, especially those that do not have finished interior walls.

The right wall insulation provides acoustic baffling as well. If noise is a concern, choose dense blanket or open-cell foam spray.

The choices are many! Let’s discuss options that fit your goals. We can also retrofit any building, no matter its age or condition, to take advantage of energy savings and contribute to a cleaner atmosphere. We are the area’s authority on providing lower-cost and more comfortable air for companies area-wide. Call now for a free cost estimate.

We insulate new construction in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Montgomery, AL.

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