Spray Foam Insulation

When you want the most energy efficient seal possible, you need spray foam insulation. It can stop up to 70 percent of your home’s heat loss, and it makes your indoor space drier and more comfortable. In your attic, walls or basement, it is an instant solution to high power bills. Call now for a free estimate.

In Birmingham, nothing beats spray foam insulation as a barrier against moisture and temperature. The US Department of Energy says 40 percent of the heat from your furnace is lost through air infiltration. Polyurethane foam stops heated air from leaking out in three distinct ways.

First, it goes on as a liquid so it seeps into every crack and crevice. It dries as a rigid solid that adds strength to the structure. Second, it is extremely dense. Air simply cannot filter through it. Third, it covers more than gaps and spaces; it can be used to coat joists and rafters so heat is not transferred through them.

Stop Heat Loss
SPF is the only sure thermal protection for cathedral ceilings, hard-to-reach places, ceilings and irregularly shaped areas. It safeguards them against moisture and outside air more securely than cut-to-fit batting. And it takes just minutes to apply!

Thermal protection is measured in R-value – meaning resistance to heat flow. SPF has R-values of 4 to 6 per inch. That’s twice the protection of batt and blown in insulation.

Rugged Protection
Polyurethane spray foam will stay in place without sagging, falling or cracking. It can be used in conjunction with both blown in and blanket-type fiberglass insulation. Use it all over or just in places that are more vulnerable to heat loss. Sprayed-in-place foam is an investment we will gladly help you consider. Call now.

Our experts will use advanced equipment to measure your home heat loss - and calculate your energy savings.

The surface created by spray foam insulation is permanent. While it costs more than conventional fiberglass-based varieties, studies show it pays for itself within five years. And the utility savings are evident as soon as it is installed. When properly applied, it is less expensive and just as effective as building wraps and additional vapor barriers.

How Does It Work?
Spray foam insulation is a complex but safe formula of liquids and gases that is created on-site and applied by our certified professional team. Various chemicals, each contained in separate tanks, are combined using a medium- to high-pressure sprayer. You can watch the mixture puff up immediately on contact, and dry to the touch within a very short time.

The chemical reaction forms tiny pockets of air, or an insulating gas, in the plasticized medium. This is what gives it such amazing strength.

Open-cell and Closed-cell
There are two types of spray foam insulation in Birmingham to use: Closed-cell, the strongest mixture, completely encases the tiny chambers that are formed. This is what gives it superior weatherproofing value. Open-cell is the more affordable of the two insulation types. It dries to a sponge-like medium that is a great choice for quieting noise from the outside.

Neither variety will lock in moisture. While open cell is most suitable for indoor use, its pores drain water out. Closed cell types will not allow any moisture to penetrate. In fact, this type of spray foam is often used effectively on flat roof surfaces.

Resists Mold, Pests and Decay
Because they don’t hold water, these insulation types are not a breeding ground for mold or mildew. Because the surface is smooth, dust and spores won’t cling. That means the air you breathe inside your Birmingham home or building is even cleaner and healthier. It also means the items you store in the basement or attic will be better protected from moisture. And neither insects nor rodents are attracted to SPF. That’s yet another reason it stays intact through the years.

Professional Results
For best results, SPF should be applied by a trained professional like us. We have been meeting the Birmingham area’s insulation needs for more than 50 years and know the precise application methods for every home and building. You will not see gaps, feel drafts or worry about whether it’s thick enough. We guarantee your satisfaction!

When you want to slash your power bills in half, call us about sprayed-in-place foam. The monthly savings are significant, and the comfort it creates is measurable.

We apply spray foam insulation in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Montgomery, AL and surrounding cities.

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