Insulation Types

There are many insulation types, and it takes training to know which one is best for your home. But you should know this: without thermal protection, you are paying more than you should for home heating and air conditioning. Talk to us about how to boost your home comfort levels safely and affordably. Call now for a free in-home estimate.

Insulation Types in Huntsville, Alabama

Fiberglass Insulation
This represents a number of insulation types, but is most often associated with batting material that is rolled out, cut, and fitted in between wall joints. The extruded glass fibers form a dense shield against heat and low-level moisture. When edges are precisely cut and sealed by our professional team, you get a dense blanket of fiberglass insulation against the weather outside – no matter how cold or harsh.

Blown in Insulation
Tiny, fluffy pieces of insulating material, commonly fiberglass, are broken up by a machine on site and blown through a long tube from our truck into certain parts of your home. It traps heat between the fibers and is most useful for within walls and on attic floors. Our application process is carefully controlled so no loose particulate will fly around. Once in place, today’s blown in insulation is completely safe and won’t harm air quality.

Spray Foam Insulation Types
This plastic-type material is applied through a fine sprayer as a liquid and dries to a firm solid, shot through with billions of tiny air or gas micro-chambers. Air simply will not penetrate it, so wherever it is applied, there is no chance the outside temperatures will mix with the inside environment. This type can save you up to 70 percent on your energy costs. While it costs more, it is considered a permanent treatment that will not budge! It also adds strength to light-frame walls.

Spray foam insulation is available in two basic forms: the closed-cell variety completely resists transfer of moisture and provides the best coverage; the open cell type is designed for indoor use and while it is not waterproof, it does drain moisture out of its sponge-like web.

Both kinds offer heavy-duty protection in areas that are steep and hard to access, such as high roof lines and crawl spaces. Let’s meet and talk about which one is right for you.

Other Insulation Types
For some buildings, particularly newly built homes, rigid foam-type boards can provide extra R-value over pipes and in areas of limited space. It’s best suited for foundations and walls. Special reflective foil is another type that is useful in the attic, in walls, or wherever heat passes in a downward flow. Some varieties are known as radiant heat barriers.

Trust an Area Pro
We are professionals with a half century of experience in all insulation types. We can do a quick, free energy audit of your home and actually show you where you need thermal protection the most. We can advise you on the best way to safeguard each area of your house from temperature fluctuations.

If needed, our technicians can remove degraded old materials for a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. We can also add to what is there now, and in many cases that’s a good idea. A recent study shows that homes that were insulated only 5 to 10 years ago may not be fully protected.

Insulation Types near Huntsville, Alabama

Is Your Home Thermally Protected?
Losing too much energy can show up on your power bills, or if your HVAC unit is constantly running. It can be the result of old and inefficient thermal materials, or if your present material was not installed properly. Today’s insulation types are far better than they were just a few years ago.

Let us show you the most advanced safeguards out there from top manufacturers such as Guardian and Owens Corning. And remember, there is no substitute for a licensed, insured professional on the job. We have the special training and equipment needed to apply insulation properly, without leaving gaps and crevices. Every inch counts when it comes to home protection, and we’ve got you covered.

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