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Insulation Install in Birmingham, Alabama

An insulation install can be done on any home and at any point, from initial design to decades later. Any kind of added thermal protection will result in improved comfort and greater utility savings. Talk to our friendly professionals about how to make the most of your energy dollar today.

The right insulation install can save you from about one-third to three-quarters on your gas and electric bills. Even if your home is five to ten years old, the insulation it has now may not give enough protection. We can give it a boost in ways that fit your budget.

Adding Thermal Protection
If you have old fiberglass batting in your walls, it may have settled. If you have loose-fill as your attic insulation or streamed into walls, it can become compacted over time.

Thermal protection has come a long way in just the last decade, so a new layer is always a smart idea. You will begin recouping the investment, in terms of energy savings, with your very next power bill!

What is R-Value?
The number represents how well a material resists the transfer of heat. The air inside your home, your basement, your attic and the outside vary all the time, and nature is always trying to equalize these differences by moving heat.

The International Energy Conservation Code has classified Alabama as a Climate Zone 3 state. That means ceilings should have a minimum value of R-30. Walls should be R-13. Floors should be R-19. And basements or crawl spaces should be R-5 to 13.

Our trained energy experts use advanced metering to determine your present value, and then do an insulation install to bring it to prescribed levels.

Often, your existing material can be supplemented to reach the proper R-value; but if it is contaminated by pests or rotted by water, it should be taken out. We are experts at safe, thorough insulation removal.

The Best Home Protection
Whether you want to lower energy costs or make your home drier and more comfortable, you have come to the area’s most knowledgeable company. We have more than 50 years of collective experience in attic and basement insulation, and protecting walls and crawlspaces. We’re members of the Better Business Bureau and the Home Builder Association – assurances of quality.

An insulation install can involve many types of materials and they can easily be combined for the best protection. Much depends on what you have now, whether you need insulation removal, where you need the protection, and architectural features.

Batts and rolls can be sandwiched in between the joists of a home addition or new construction. It also works as attic and basement insulation. The pieces can be cut to fit around obstructions like electrical boxes, windows and non-standard widths. Depending on the location, this popular and inexpensive home insulation choice can be faced with a special moisture barrier. Otherwise, it can be covered later with wallboard.

Another affordable choice is loose-fill. Typically made of fiberglass or cellulose, it is sprayed through a long hose as attic insulation or inside existing walls through a drilled hole. It can reach into crevices for uniform coverage. Its fluffiness is what gives it its R-value: the air and fibers act like a down comforter to trap air and keep warmth from moving into cooler areas.

Spray foam insulation in Birmingham works best for narrow and tight areas, odd-shaped spaces, and hard to access peaks like cathedral ceilings. It is usually made of plastics like polyurethane and polyisocyanurate interspersed with gas bubbles. Closed-cell types also seal out moisture completely wherever it is applied and stop air leaks by up to 70 percent. It is the most expensive option, but it can also be used strategically rather than as a whole home insulation install method.

Rigid foam boards can be placed on almost any flat surface from attic to foundation. They are especially effective at reducing heat conduction through wood and metal studs – the so-called thermal bridging effect that can otherwise leave air gaps. It is typically made out of polystyrene, polyurethane or polyisocyanurate.

Insulation Install near Birmingham, Alabama

A radiant barrier is an insulation install choice for the attic. It reflects the sun’s heat so effectively that it can reduce summer cooling costs by up to 10 percent. However, it also needs an added thermal barrier to keep the house warm in winter.

Do you know which type of thermal safeguard is right for you? Our professional energy consultants can check out your home for free and make suggestions that will save you money and lead to greater year-round comfort.

Get an insulation install in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Montgomery, AL and nearby communities.

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