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Attic insulation prevents about a third of your conditioned air from escaping your home. It can prevent ice dams in winter and high air conditioning bills in summer. It is the easiest place to keep utility costs down. Let us show you how! Insulation is all we do. Schedule a free consultation today.

Attic insulation serves two purposes: it keeps the temperature in the attic from affecting the temperature in the living space below, and it keeps the uppermost part from being affected by conditions outside.

There are many types of attic insulation. Your choice will depend in part on the type of house you have, your budget, and your energy saving goals. Altogether, our team has 50 combined years of experience making homes more comfortable. We want to help save you money on power bills and make your air drier and cleaner.

Your HVAC is Working Too Hard
In the summer, the attic temperature can rise to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of it radiates back down into the house. In the winter, furnace heat rises into the un-air conditioned space, where it cools and then sinks back down – forcing more warm air to rise. This cycle also causes ice to form on roof edges and damage your shingles. Both actions make your heat and AC work hard. As a result, they will wear out faster.

Roll and Batt Attic Insulation
These tightly woven pads of fiberglass can fit in between rafters, joists and studs. They come in sizes that are standard to the building industry, but can also be cut to fit nonstandard shapes like ducts. As an insulation install, their density stops the transfer of air.

Loose Fibers
This is a quick and simple way to stop heat from moving between the house and attic. Loose-fill fiberglass, cellulose and other materials are finely shredded and blown onto the floors through a pressurized hose. The mixture stops the transfer of heat like a down blanket. It takes a professional to know how thickly to apply the layer and know which spots are most susceptible.

Spray Foam Insulation
Polyurethane foam is considered an effective insulation install method in attics because it stops thermal transfer almost completely - reducing temperatures by as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is even being used in some areas as a substitute for standard ventilation. The liquid foam and gas mix can be applied to the underside of the roof, the rim, floor and soffit areas.

Certain types of stiff foam boards and foils can also be placed in the upper portion of the house to keep heat transfer down in summer.

Eliminate Moisture Problems
The right attic insulation forms a moisture barrier that can stop condensation from forming. A moist space is unhealthy, leading to damage of building materials and formation of mold. Do you have soggy old materials already up there? We can do an insulation removal and give you a fresh and energy efficient start.

Attic insulation goes hand in hand with proper sealing of cracks and gaps, including access doors and joints, because air will leak anywhere there is no thermal protection. We have the experience to create the most complete coverage possible so your home stays comfortable all year.

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Benefits of Professional Attic Insulation
Our trained technicians can take care of your energy loss problems in a few short hours and you will notice the difference in comfort and air quality right away. Your utility bills will drop dramatically and the type of materials we use will last for many years.

From insulation install to removal, and from the attic to the basement, we are your total home insulation resource. Let us find the vulnerable spots below your roof and protect them. Call now for a free inspection.

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