Home Insulation

Home insulation can lower your monthly energy bills, create a more comfortable indoor environment, and keep moisture at bay. Depend on a team with a 50-year history in the area to do it right from top to bottom.

Home Insulation in Birmingham, Alabama

With energy prices soaring, it makes sense to add to your home insulation. And it is more affordable than you might think: you start recouping the costs right away through lower utility bills. Most people are astounded by the difference!

A professional home insulation install can pay for itself in a few short years. Let us look around your house, measure the heat transfer you may be experiencing, and suggest solutions that work within your budget. Once we're done, you will feel the effects immediately.

We can perform many energy-saving services for you, including:

Let's start at the top. Your roof heats up the attic to as much as 130 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Because heat naturally displaces cool, that thermal buildup never stops trying to get inside your air conditioned house. Your AC must continue cycling to remove what leaks in.

In the winter, your furnace-generated heat rises. If your attic is not protected, the heat will exit through the joists and the rafters. You are literally throwing money away when the mercury drops. Attic insulation can be done in many ways: adding fiberglass batts or spray-foam between the framing and rafters, and applying loose-fill to the floor. It is also a good idea to add a sealant to all joints and around accesses.

Your main living area already has some protection in the walls, usually fiberglass blankets covered with a vapor shield and then drywall. If outmoded batts have settled over the years, you are losing money every time your HVAC kicks on. We can bolster your protection by blowing loose fibers into the walls – usually from the outside. We drill a small hole, insert the fluffy material, and then seal and finish the access.

Basement insulation is very important because it is a direct connection between the cooled earth and the living space above. If you want to finish your lower level, we can add blanket-type, spray foam or rigid foam board to the walls. Some type of fire or vapor retarder is required with each type. We always use products that meet building and fire codes.

Insulation Removal
Many times we can simply do a home insulation install on top of what you have already. However, contaminated material is at risk of becoming friable – the fibers become airborne – especially if rodents dig around and make large nests. Today's replacement materials are designed to resist pests as well as damaging moisture, but older protection might need to come out for health reasons. We hand-remove damaged batts and any rodent droppings left behind. Or, if you have blown-in material, we use special vacuums in a sealed environment to take it out – always minimizing the possibility of disturbance.

When we're done, we will replace it with a much more advanced material that will stay in place and won't be attractive to critters. Our trained technicians can replace a thermal barrier with the same kind you have now, or an upgraded variety.

Building a New House or Addition?
When you start from scratch, you have a lot more choices in how to achieve optimal home insulation. Special concrete forms and barriers can be incorporated into the foundation and framing to keep cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

Home Insulation near Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama is in the government's designated Climate Zone 3. This means there are certain optimal R-values assigned for different parts of your house. As professional installers, we are highly knowledgeable about the latest standards, as well as tax credits and rebates. We can help you make wise choices.

When you think about how much more comfortable your indoor air can be, and how easy it is to do a thermal protection upgrade, you will wonder why you waited to do a home insulation install! Call now. We can do all types of home insulation in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Montgomery, AL and surrounding areas.

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