Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Insulation

To be truly energy efficient, your home needs to be sealed as much as possible from the outside elements. There are many changes you can make to slash your heating and air conditioning bills; one of the easiest is better insulation. Let us show you what you’re missing with a free energy analysis and estimate.

Did you know that heating and cooling make up 50 to 70 percent of your power bill each month? And up to a third of this is lost due to air leaks. Any place above ground is at risk: around windows and doors, attics, and spaces between wall studs and joists. Unless you’re living without AC and heat, you are paying too much for your utilities. We can help!

Insulation makes your home more comfortable. It keeps your conditioned air at a steady temperature. You can feel the effects immediately.

Our insulation products are one of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. In a few short hours, our professional technicians can place appropriate thermal protection in your walls, attic and basement ceiling – all the places where energy is lost most easily.

Stop Air Movement
Quick science lesson: warm air naturally flows to cooler places. That movement is the main reason heat escapes your house or building in the winter and cooled air is lost in the summer. And it’s the main reason your HVAC unit works overtime to keep you comfortable.

Our expertly applied insulation traps the movement of air between the inside and outside. We make it fast and easy to get your home more energy efficient.

Insulation Types
Loose-fill or blown-in fibers are extremely affordable. Composed of a finely shredded base – usually of fiberglass or cellulose – they are used to blanket the inside of walls and attic flooring. The mix can be made denser if settling is a problem.

Blanket insulation is just what it sounds like: a thick mat of fiberglass that comes in rectangular batts or cut-to-fit rolls that are used to line walls, floors and more. It can be finished with a special facing to block moist air or guard against the spread of fire. It is also a very cost-effective choice.

Stiff foam board can be used in foundations and walls, while reflective barriers help protect an attic ceiling.

Finally, spray foam insulation turns from a liquid into an expanding foam. It blocks nearly all air movement where it is applied, so it’s excellent for filling tiny cracks and oddly shaped gaps. While this is a more costly option for the homeowner, it is also considered a permanent solution.

Why You Need a Home Insulation Professional
There is plenty of do-it-yourself information out there. The fact is, only a trained professional knows how to place thermal barriers so they work well. The states resistance to the transfer of heat – the R-value – is diminished if the material is too thin or compressed.

A pro knows all the places to apply energy efficient protection. Insulating one area of your home will not protect others. If you "miss a spot," even a small one, it’s wide open to thermal loss. All vulnerable areas need to have movement of air slowed down, and we are a company you can count on to do it. We have 50 years of combined experience keeping homes like yours comfortable in all seasons.

We are licensed and insured and a member of the Home Builder Association. From the very first phone call, you will see that we really care about giving you the most energy efficient solutions possible.

Energy Efficient Insulation in Montgomery, Alabama

Ways to Save
In this era of rising utility costs and conservation awareness, more people are seeking ways to make their homes energy efficient. That is especially true if your home is over 10 years old. Every bit helps: turning lights off, replacing inefficient appliances and weather-stripping drafty windows and doors. But unlike these other measures, adding insulation is a passive but very effective way to reduce your carbon footprint – and save money every month. Once it is installed, you don’t have to do anything else. How easy is that!

We can make a home more energy efficient in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Montgomery, AL and other area communities.

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